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EvemElutt 2012-01-02 19:26:03 124
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AB 2011-11-28 18:10:46 123
Please update App on AppStore - bought this and doesn't run on IOS 5.01 / Iphone 4S

Himself 2011-04-18 22:36:20 122
Very nice framework. will start using it soon.

hartcrareecorty 2011-03-08 09:45:42 121
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drugs from canada 2011-02-17 01:02:51 120
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Oukdnkac 2011-01-07 21:36:31 119
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Nmmqbetm 2011-01-07 08:00:43 118
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Jwsbotab 2011-01-07 07:26:07 117
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Herbie van Tetering 2010-11-29 02:38:02 116
What I especially like about the exposed interface (object view) is the Net-Forces on each object and the Contact-Point forces and the exposure of -each- Vector. The Net-Forces are same colour as Object-Forces though which makes them more difficult to distinguish or -filter.

Some other things which are impressive is the way in which the Drop-Object interface looks; very nice interface. Can you also drag (Net)-Force vectors?

Very, very nice work, keep up the competition with EU and US, maybe one day you beat all of them, haha! Sure as hell beat major engines out there! You guys are the best.


Herbie van Tetering 2010-11-29 02:22:09 115

Very nice engine; looks somewhat like ODE and particle engine with BULLET integrated into an enhanced and way better system. I am also developing engine but more of a hybrid approach from Baraf and classical approach (ie. blending particles>cloth -p2p-> dynamics>mechanics) integrating the ideas from a number of engines with cloth-dynamics attachments. The engine is also distributed, but only on a basic V(x, y , z, Quat.hpr) DCS-Delta level and on a grouped components level and blended Ai level.

Sources may be released but currently most of it is closed source (lot of literature research to do on blended mechanics and hybrid simplification etc.).

Maybe ideas and references could help your engine also. Keep up the excellent work.

Kind regards,

ing. Herbie van Tetering.

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